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Ko wai matau

Who we are

01Our League

Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora (Maori Women’s Welfare League Inc), is an organisation that adheres to Maori traditional values and concepts which are reflected in management principles and practices to aspire to a vision while achieving set goals and objectives.

Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora today continues to be a formidable voice for Maori people throughout New Zealand with branches well established in Australia, and formerly, London and Hawaii. There are more than 3000 members of Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora today who operate on the same kaupapa (basis) as those who started in 1951. Namely, to improve the wealth of Maori, be that spiritually, social wellbeing or economically.

Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora has initiated many programmes and plans to assist Maori to reclaim their tino rangatiratanga (sovereignty) as a people taking control of their own destiny. This organisation, through its high quality members and leadership has provided a model to guide Maori people to succeed in the future. An accomplishment of Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora is ongoing recognition as a credible organisation at many levels of New Zealand’s society. This includes the NZ Government, private and public sectors and organisations, iwi and hapu entities throughout the country.

The first national Maori organisation

The first forum for Maori women

02Our History

Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora (Maori Women’s Welfare League), arose out of a desire on the part of Maori women throughout New Zealand for an organisation that would essentially be theirs – a potent force which could play an integral part in facilitating positive outcomes for Maori people through enabling and empowering Maori women and whanau.

In September 1951, some 90 women delegates, representing the founding branches of what is now known as the Maori Women’s Welfare League, assembled at Wellington’s Ngati Poneke Hall at the Inaugural Conference. A constitution was formally adopted and Princess Te Puea Herangi accepted an invitation to become patroness of the newly constituted League. Whina (later Dame Whina), Cooper was elected President of the League. A new executive took up office.

The Maori Women’s Welfare League – Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora – was the first national Maori organisation to be formed, it was also the first to provide Maori women with a forum in which their concerns could be aired, brought to a wider national audience and placed before the policy-makers of the day.

tainui maori womens welfare league history

03Our Vision

Mematanga (Membership)

Continue to build capacity and capability of our membership – the foundation of our organization. To encourage and support all members with their journey in our organisation. To use our collective strength to create opportunities for our members and branches. To demonstrate and deliver the core values of Tatau Tatau.

Mahi Tahi (Collaborate)

Ensure government is accountable in addressing the needs of wahine Maori and their whanau. To advocate for wahine Maori and their whanau at all levels throughout New Zealand. To drive effective change within communities across New Zealand through the strength of our branches. To provide community based services to empower our wahine Maori and their whanau.

Mahitanga (Operations)

Maintain, manage and demonstrate compliance of all legal obligations of our organisation. To ensure policies are set to provide appropriate controls and management of our organisation. To provide support to deliver the strategies and business plans of our organisation. To provide support and administration to branches, regions and national council.

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